1-Introduce yourself?


My first name’s Eva and my surname’s krupuk. I’m 23 years old and I’m a businesswoman. I live Poland and I’m a polish girl.

2-what’s your favorite food?

I love Italian food. I like pasta and mushroom soup. I also eat English food too, fish and chips but I don’t like spicy food. I eat vegetable a lot and I like apples and oranges. My favorite drink is tea but I sometime drink coffee for breakfast.

3-Describe your home town?

I live in Tehran, it’s in Iran. Tehran is famous for its Milad tower. There’s a beautiful lake and a national park in Tehran but There aren’t any beaches and seas.  There are a lot of fantastic restaurants and some famous shopping centers. My favorite place is Darband, it’s a really beautiful place. There are a lot of mountains there.

4-Talk about one of your family member?

My brother’s name’s Ali.He’s 25 years old. He’s an engineer and he works for a big company.